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The suit of cups (sometimes known as chalices, goblets and the like) refers to the element of water and hence the emotions. It is a suit that is concerned with love and with feelings, for better and for worse. As stated elsewhere, water can be nurturing and refreshing but in a large enough quantity it can be a cold, dark place where millions have drowned.

Cups are "friendly" with pentacles (think "water + earth") and "unfriendly" with air and fire, meaning that if a cups card is surrounded by cards of those "unfriendly" suits, it could affect the meaning of the entire reading.

Three astrological "water" signs are related to cups, they are

  • Cancer
  • Scorpio
  • Pisces

and this is useful information when selecting a significator to identify your querent (the person whose reading you are doing). If the querent is a middle aged Scorpio male, then you would use the King of Cups to represent him, for example.