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Eight of Cups

The Lord of Abandoned Success

Cups, 08

Saturn in Pisces. The card shows a man that had stacked his many cups neatly before willingly departing on a long journey, as implied by his large back-pack. He is in no hurry but has already crossed a river, implying (rather obviously), a passage. A jagged and spiky mountain range can be seen in the distance, implying another yet passage.The land on both sides of the river is lush and rich with flowers, implying that one side is as good as the other. The full moon is a way of saying that the man was at his peak when he stacked his cups and left, while the starry nighttime sky shows us the infinite possible destinations of his journey.


A decision has been taken. A rejection of pre-existing ideas, of habits, of relationships in favour of something new and different.


As above, but something worthwhile and good has been rejected for a pipe-dream. Hard work gone to waste.