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Six of Cups

The Lord of Pleasure

Cups, 06

The sun in Scorpio. The card shows a young woman reminiscing over her childhood. A lot has changed since then. The photograph of the child is in b/w whereas the present is in colour. The garden has been concreted over and in its place stand blocks of flats. The tree has turned into a TV antenna. The child rode the tricycle while exploring her brand new world, now she has found what she wants and can stop and think fondly about the past. This is emphasized by the change in clothes: the child is wearing a sailor suit, which underlines the whole idea of exploration.

The young woman has made quite a good transition: when the world was in shades of grey (as in the b/w past), she too was in tones of grey. Now she is a similar shade to the buildings that surround her. The past is cherished, it is surrounded by the cups of love and emotion which work as a sort of protection or air-bag for the memories.

Sorry... I can't remember the person's name, all I can remember is that she was marrying some guy and they'd both put up their baby pictures rather than what they look like nowadays. Does anyone else find that kinda tacky?


Pleasant memories, satisfied desires. We reap the fruits of a something begun long ago. Harmony. Old friendships or relationships become closer or warmer.


Nostalgia, vanity. One who lives constantly in the past and is unable to deal with the present. An inability to adapt or change.