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Queen of Swords

Queen of the Thrones of Air

Swords, Queen

The queen of swords represents the watery part of the element of air: in other words, it is the cold power of the intellect tempered with emotion and feeling. In line with the "intellect" angle, the Queen is depicted as wearing a modern business suit. She is a serious, career-minded woman. Of the seated figures in this suit, she is the one most at ease, her throne being a modern office swivel-chair. I didn't draw the arms of the chair very well, but that doesn't really matter... sometimes the chair looks like one of those classroom chairs with the writing surface attached, sometimes it looks like the arms are locked around the queen. It could mean that to her, ruling is a learning experience. But at the same time, it's not easy to be free: her throne can be a bit of a cage, really.

She is dressed in blue, the colour of the sky (well... kinda sorta) and behind her we can see birds and a lot of wind in the trees. Waite's queen of swords sits on a throne decorated with butterflies. I have kept the butterfly motif but made it into an ornament on the Queen's laptop. The laptop says "Pentium" because when I started drawing this deck, I was on a 486: Pentium was the next big thing and cutting-edge, state of the art technology so it seemed natural to make sure the laptop was a Pentium. People born under one of the Airy elements are MEANT to have dark auburn or brown hair and light coloured or even grey eyes (and **sigh** yes, I know. It doesn't always work out that way). There's no specific reason why the Queen should have such chunky legs... I'm not as good at drawing with a mouse as I thought I was :)


An intelligent and complex woman very perceptive and with a lightning fast intellect. Often skilled in playing one side against the other to further her own ends.


The negative side of the above... a tale-bearing gossip, often petty and narrow-minded.