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Two of Swords

The Lord of Peace

Swords, 2

The moon in libra. Two swords are seen against an ocean backdrop. It is night time and here is a hint of a storm having just passed. But now it is over and the risen moon is full.

I like the idea of the ocean in the card: I like how the sea can swallow things so effortlessly, so silently and undemandingly. Tension and conflict in this case. Then there's the idea of the warm ocean water in the night, so refreshing.

The sky is still unsettled, but we can only see the shadows of the clouds left after the storm. The two swords (which I imagine would have been crossed in mortal combat a few minutes before) are now side by side. They point in opposite directions as a sign of compromise: both view points have been accepted and now live side by side. The fact that one points up while the other points down makes me think that the truce extends from heaven to earth and back again. Night has arrived bringing respite from the heat and toil of the day.

There is a sort of sheen on the swords, but maybe they are scratches and cracks on the blades. Things got sorted out just in time before one or both blades were broken


Relief, resolved conflicts, truce, a peace found after a struggle. An end to pain, a load is taken off our mind.


Liberation, difficulties resolve themselves, but sometimes things move in the wrong direction, thanks to bad advice given deliberately