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Eight of Pentacles

The Lord of Prudence

Pentacles, 06

The sun in Virgo. This is a sort of portrait of Mr. Di Napoli, the local mechanic who used to fix my moped before it got unfixable and I had to dump it one hot morning in August and catch the bus to work. This card takes a lot after the Waite deck and is pretty self-explanatory, I suppose.

The man in the card is happily and dilligently working his way through the day. Maybe he lives in one of the flats in the background, maybe he owns them. It's hard to say, really. The fact that they are towers remind me a bit of maybe... stacks of coins. They grew bit by bit out of nothing, like the man's savings.

I suppose he needs to keep on working: there is nothing around to give any comfort but what he has created for himself. All else is hard basalt and stone. There is no softness, no shade, no cool other than what he manages to create for himself. So he will keep on working, and slowly making his way up in the world.


Hard and anonymous work, carried out with honesty and in an unassuming manner. Frankness, modesty and humbleness.


A lack of ambition or the will to succeed, vanity, a tendency to rest on one's laurels, maybe even usury in so far as it is a way of making money off others with little or no effort on the usurer's part.