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Nine of Pentacles

The Lord of Material Gain

Pentacles, 09

Venus in Virgo. Like the other nines, the nine of Pentacles is a card that deals with accomplishment. It is a good time to sit back and contemplate our achievements. The Waite deck depicts a rich, mature woman standing in a vineyard, presumably hers. I have updated the image somewhat and the card depicts a similarly rich, mature woman looking out toward buildings that presumably, she owns. The pentacles have become coins (by the addition of a convenient dollar sign) and the buildings are like little towers of money.

The flip side of the card is that maturity might not actually bring satisfaction with one's material situation. In fact the woman in the picture does not look outrageously happy, the buildings might be hers but they also hem her in with their sharp corners.

The black and white image of the woman contrasts with the coloured buildings (although they are not overly colourful), they are hers and yet they are not her.