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Ten of Pentacles

The Lord of Crowned Success

Pentacles, 10

Mercury in Virgo. Like the Ten of Cups, this card deals with crowned success, in this case material success.

We see three happy generations of a family: the retired patriarch, the son who works in the family business, the grandchild that will eventually take over. They are surrounded by greenery and bathed in sunlight. The money that makes up their "crowned success" forms a sort of buffer between them and the rest of humanity (in fact they look like they are living on a cloud of money, in what I suppose is a vague allusion to religious art of the renaissance)

Beneath them and in a very different world, faceless men toil in the factories of a dark and polluted world. The material security makes a very big difference indeed. Is there any relation between the family and the factories? I suppose they own them and that's where their wealth came from. Or perhaps not.