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Six of Pentacles

The Lord of Success

Pentacles, 06

The moon in Taurus. In Kabbalistic terms, the number six represents beauty and charity is the most beautiful expression of the material. In this card, I have tried to talk a little about success and charity and so on. As imperfectly as I might have depicted it, I was trying to show a man that has become succesful and returned to his old neighbourhood. The pentacles that are the emblem of his success are hidden under a cloak and only displayed at the correct time, there is no obstentatiousness in this man.

The cloak could also be a wing as he has taken people "under his wing". Is that his old neighbourhood or is he graciously offering a new, better neighbourhood to the people?At any rate, the cloak (or wing!) is of a bright red colour. The colour of blood and fire and all sorts of poweful, alive things and emotions. This is no disinterested monthly contribution to something, this is something the man has taken to heart.

After I drew this card I noticed that some of the buoldings looked a lot like envelopes (the small squares in the corners could be windows or they could just as easily be postage stamps) Perhaps the man has moved and is now giving things to his old neighbours from afar, perhaps in reading about the man, the neighbours have a role model they can follow. Setting a good example so people don't fall into traps and make mistakes can be a sort of charity too.


Success in life brings generosity and charity toward others.


Theft, miserliness, "ill gotten gains".