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Five of Pentacles

The Lord of Worry

Pentacles, 05

Pentacles represent the material side of the world. "Worry" in this sense would generally refer money problems. Waite's card is quite interesting in that it shows two beggars trudging through the snow, the five pentacles are represented as a design in a stained glass window.

I wanted to do something a little bit different... originally I was going to use a lot more photographs in the cards, then I chucked it in because finding a specific image on the net is a lot harder than you'd think. This is one of the images that I DID manage to find. I guess it's hard to find people in a more "financially worried" situation than refugees.

You can't really see it in the photograph, but one of the children was actually hurt quite badly by napalm... in other words, her home is in flames in the background, presumably her parents have been killed and she doesn't even possess all of her own skin. That is how destitute those children actually are.


Material problems, destitution, loss, error, impoverishment.


The querent is about to come out of the tunnel, so to speak. A negative phase will be overturned, and there wil be a recovery from ruin.