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Four of Pentacles

The Lord of Power

Pentacles, 04

Astrologically speaking, this card represents the Sun in Capricorn. Seen from above, a square fortress on a stony plain withstands all attacks from the outside. The attacks can take any number of forms so I have represented them as jagged waves of (psychic?) energy. 

To me this image, which incorporates the four disks and the stolid shape of the square, describes that "inability to share" that is mentioned in the Meanings section. The fortress is strong, but there are no doors leading in or out. Even a bird's eye view doesn't show us anything of the fortress' inmates. Strength has come, but at a cost. The surrounding countryside is barren and inhospitable and whoever lives in the fortress has locked themselves in and refuses to have anything to do with the outside. They will not share their wealth with outsiders, they will not even be seen by them.

The strength of the fortress walls means that the defenders shall prevail, but at what cost... and to what purpose? Surely by stepping outside they might even have the chance to plant some trees or crops, but their miserliness (in every sense) prevents them from looking past their immediate self-interests.


Love of wealth for its own sake, greed, miserliness, avarice, an inability to share.


Material obstacles, a difficulty in finding work or making money.