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Four of Wands

The Lord of Finished Work

Wands, 4

Venus in Aries. The Five of Wands depicts a colourful city on a wonderful, sunny Spring day. Two women, with flower garlands on their heads and offering a gift of flowers beckon at us to cross the garlanded portal into city, where - on a spacious and sunlit plaza - a street party is about to get under way. The winter has been hard, but this is the first day of the new season, where the fruits of the hard work put in during the cold months will be shared equally by all. Even the bushes that adorn the perimeter of the plaza have borne luscious fruit.

I really don't have much to say about this card (in fact it takes quite obviously after Pamela Coleman Smith's imagery) but if we are to consider the concept on a pseudo-numerological basis, the tension created by the three (a triangle) has resolved itself into the solid, secure number 4. Indeed, the floor of the piazza, the garlands on the portal and the wands that have been used to make up the poles form a square. The buildings themselves are a warm shade of pink rather than the usual grey as a sign that this is a warmer, friendlier town and nothing like the city depicted in the following card.


Celebration and partying after the triumphant success of some project or job. Prosperity, peace and harmony. Hard work has been rewarded and it's time to break out the champagne.


Obstacles, hurdles, but only temporary. Delays in completion of a project, but they are only delays, not failure. The party has been postponed but definitely not cancelled.