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Two of Wands

The Lord of Dominion

Wands, 2

Mars in Aries. Flanked by flowering wands, a huge, powerful man in a blue suit holds the world in his hand. His wealth is further symbolized by the dollar-sign pattern on his red power tie. Tall buildings rise up behind him, silent witnesses to his triumph. The man in the picture probably owns them, I like to think that they are council flats and that the man was born in one of them and has come to power slowly but inexorably.

In rising to the top, the man has become solid and geometrical like the buildings themselves, and just as inscrutable. His face is serene, as if in a deep reverie. He is probably planning his next step forward. The man has become used to power, he neither watches nervously around himself for some upstart threat nor does he flaunt his wealth. It has slowly and unobstentatiously become a part of himself. The window visible high up on the middle building is a bit of a symbol for the man's vision: he watches things clearly from an elevated position, always getting **The Big Picture**

The down-side of the card is, as hinted at before, that the rise to power has stripped the man of some of his humanity: he could be a wealthy benefactor, come to visit the place of his birth and shower largesse on everyone but he could just as well be a local bully, risen to the top of the local underworld. I suppose it's hard to climb without climbing over someone or something.


Earned success. Hard work brings wealth and authority, sheer willpower has brought triumph, against all odds. Prosperity, ownership, maybe something as simple as company fringe benefits.


Greed, wealth and power arrived at by foul and dishonest means, or used in an unfair or even criminal way.