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King of Wands

The Prince of the Fire Chariot

Wands, King

Surrounded by deserts, the King of Wands sits on a throne. His sceptre is a tall wand. The throne is wooden for what is a tree if not a grown-up wand? I have given him a younger man's clothes to hint at the youthful energy and creativity that runs through him.The simple outfit of jeans and a tee shirt go with the Kings energy and focus on action.

The design on his tee-shirt is, at it's simplest level a simple tie-dye job. But it is literally an image of fire. The tie-dyed design in itself is rather retro, underlining the King's way of adhering to tradition while reinterpreting it all at the same time.

The astrological sign of Leo on his tee shirt brings out the astrological implications of this card.


An honest and conscientious older man, generous and loyal, that loves tradition and family life. A man of authority and a great one for taking action over words, but also just and enterprising. Perhaps an arbiter or a moderator?


An rash and intolerant man, pitiless and full of prejudices, too quick to judge and insensitive to those around him.