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Seven of Wands

The Lord of Valour

Wands, 7

Aries in Leo. The Seven of Wands looks pretty self-explanatory: one guy against six. He looks harrassed, but he's holding his ground quite well, thank you very much.He's dressed in bright, primary colours to underline his strong nature.

On the other hand, maybe the six wands along the bottom of the card are not really in the hands of enemies: maybe they are a sort of palisade he's built to defend himself from the enemies that are still to come. "What does not kill you makes you stronger", and all that.

Whatever we see in the card, one thing's certain. This guy's pretty well prepared to hold his ground and he's not going to back down.


Obstacles. Hard competition. A kill-or-be-killed situation. Some minor success, we can safely think that more is on the way... as long as we don't let our guard down. We can't let up now, we'd lose everything.


Shyness and indecision make us miss the boat. Possibly a subconscious desire for failure? Someone that gives up as soon as the going gets tough.