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Three of Wands

The Lord of Virtue

Wands, 3

The Sun in Aries. It is early morning in a large city skyscraper. It is probably quite a prestigious skyscraper in that the lift's carpet looks quite plush. It is so early that it seems as if the skyscraper is still deserted, awaiting the office crowds and the start of the working day. We see a well dressed young man about to take the lift to his office. We cannot see his reflection in the lifts' mirror, and I have taken this as a symbol of his disinterest in recognition. He just gets on with the work and that's it. He's probably going in early so he can get on with his work undisturbed. Then again, the lift doors look like a large portal, implying that perhaps the guy is catching the lift for the first time, or maybe there's the implication that they are as a sort of portal beyond which we all play certain roles. The thickness of the doors also implies that the guy's office is insulated against whatever is going on at street level.

At any rate, the scene implies that big things are about to happen today, and the large arrow implies that whatever is happening in the picture, the guy is On The Way Up.

I have chosen to dress him in blue because someone once told me that blue was the colour of faithfulness and dependability. Then again, they may have been wrong. :) Beside the lift doors we see three young trees (wands) growing in modern plastic pots, but the motif of the three wands is repeated by the skyscrapers themselves (we can see 2 through the windows and of course, the man is in the 3rd skyscraper).

This implies that the skyscrapers themselves are like green, flowering wands.


Success in business or commerce, possibly due to the help of a partner or an ally. Being in the right place at the right time. Seizing the occasion, striking while the iron is hot.


Disappointment over the failure of a promising project. Pride or arrogance stops one from accepting outside help, with unfortunate results.